The Boy is Eating Well

Nicholas is doing his part to get himself home without the NG tube.  They bumped up his feeding again:

  • He’s now at 65cc per feed.
  • He’s got a 6th feed at 11 PM.
  • His continuous feeds are only going overnight – from midnight to 5 AM (I think)

They want to get him to 70cc at each feeding (almost there), so he’s really doing very well.

He’s also been on a pretty decent schedule, which we’re hoping continues when he gets home.  We keep hearing he does pretty well during the night, and he’s getting better at just entertaining himself and looking around during the day.  He gets moved into a common playroom, so he can get some visual stimulation (his room is pretty far from stimulating).  It’s also a little easier for the nursing staff to get to him.  It’s amazing what a different boy he is now versus a two weeks ago.  Between being able to bottle feed (and get that “full” feeling) and being narcotic-free for two and a half weeks, he’s much quieter, much more content, and really a pretty good little guy.

We have found there are two things that do make him pretty mean – gas pains and dirty diapers.  He really, really doesn’t like either of them.  That rice cereal is pretty potent stuff – the boy’s burps and farts make Dad proud, but the nuclear poop we can do without.  This stuff might even make Oscar flinch – remember, this was the dog that introduced himself to Nicholas by shoving his nose straight into the bottom of his diaper.

I also wanted to thank everyone who’s been leaving notes on the site – they’ve been a lot of fun for us to read.  And to “our favorite PICU nurses” who left a note – you’ve got a deal.  Visiting will be just fine; not that we don’t appreciate your skills, as you have no idea how much we appreciate them, but we’d rather make it social call.  Don’t think you’ve heard the last from us.  By the way, tell “Preggo” we expect to see a picture when it happens.

Also – we’ve posted some new pictures – be sure to check the photo links.

Getting Better

Wow – two entries in one day.  But today was a good day, so we don’t mind doing it.

A couple of good things happened:

  • They increased his bottle feeding volume again to 50cc 5x daily (he was at 40cc, and they bumped him to 5x just yesterday).
  • They’re starting to decrease his continuous feeding through the NG tube.

These are hopefully a few steps closer to losing the NG tube (which he managed to pull out – again – last night).

Cathy also got checked off on doing a one-person trach tube change this evening, and it went pretty well.  It’s among our various “requirements” before he can leave the hospital that we are able to successfully complete.  The next change is mine, and that should put us pretty close to being checked off completely.  Again, another step toward getting the boy home.

Yes, I call him the boy.  It’s a good thing he’s cute, one of his few saving graces right now.

Slowly But Surely

There was some progress for Nicholas this week – they’ve increased his bottle intake, in terms of both volume and frequency, and they’ve started to reduce the amount of food he’s getting from the NG tube.  He’s also gaining some weight.  Good strides, just not as fast as we would like.  But we keep telling each other “his schedule”, so that helps us get through the days.  The days are usually pretty long for us anymore – for me at least, I try to get some work done during the day and head to rehab in the late afternoon, putting me home anywhere between 9:30 and midnight.  Cathy usually goes there in the mid-to-late morning, and we come home at the same time.  We’re ready to be done with the current routine and get him home.

The stroller ride earlier this week was interesting, at least as it was reported to me. Apparently, the boy was not too keen on being blinded by the sunlight and was just generally fussy through most of it, but by the end was handling it pretty well.  It was also an experience to see just how much baggage is required when he travels – and it’s a lot. Portable suction, ambu bag, extra trach collars, suction catheters and probably a few other things that I’m forgetting.  Good thing we drive trucks.

Rehab Update

Not much change, other than the boy is picking up a few new names:

  • Drama King (“King” for short)
  • Needy
  • Clingy
  • Spoiled Rotten

I think they’re trying to tell us that he really likes to be held, and he’s not afraid to voice his opinion on the topic.  Other than that, he’s doing pretty well.  Looks like we’ll be there for a while yet, probably another couple of weeks.  While we’re disappointed in the duration, the reasoning behind it makes it a little easier to digest.  They want to work on getting him off of the NG tube and feeding only from the bottle – which we’re all in favor of.  So that’s our next big hurdle to clear, so we’re working whatever they tell us to work on that may help in that regard.

Cathy’s taking the stroller with her tomorrow (at the suggestion of the staff), so it looks like mom and the boy will get a little bit of outside time – which will be a nice treat for both of them.

Still at Rehab, but making progress

We’re still at the rehab hospital, but making progress.  Nicholas is starting to develop a routine, which is a pretty good thing in my opinion.  He gets cranky at about 4:30 PM, and that lasts until about 6:30 or 7:00.  Once he levels off, he’s a pretty happy guy.  He’s been going down for the evening between 8:00 and 9:00, and the nurses have been telling us he sleeps pretty well.  We’ve been going home at night, so that we can try to get some rest.  Some nights are better than others, but it still beats trying to stay at the rehab.  It’s not really feasible to stay there anyway.

Mom and Dad have made some progress too – we did our first two-person trach change on Friday evening.  To be honest, it was a lot scarier thinking about it than actually doing it.  It ended up being not that big of a deal.  I took the old one out, Cathy put the new one in, and it took all of about 15 seconds to do it.  The hardest part is getting the velcro collar fastened behind his neck, rather than changing the tube.  We’ve also been working on our other “check-off” items (CPR, suctioning, medications, etc), and that is going pretty well.

This week continues our work on his swallow (and other various exercises).  It’s frustrating as hell not being able to feed him as much as he wants through the bottle, but the thought of having him go back to the PICU with aspiration pneumonia (which would be the result of letting him chug his meals) helps keep that frustration in check.  That would be starting over, and I am not very anxious to do that.  So until he’s ready, he gets 4 bottle feeds a day, and the rest of his nutrition is going through the continuous feed/NG tube.  He is gaining some weight (finally) – he had the beginnings of chubby cheeks, which is actually a first.

So we continue the daily grind, with the daily hope that we are one step closer to being home.