Nicholas Update – 4/30

Hello everyone –

I know a lot of you have been waiting for an update (since my inbox is pretty full), but not much new to report at this point.  Nicholas is still in PICU, and probably will be through Monday.  The swelling in his windpipe is still there, so the doctors are not very anxious to remove the ventilator tube just yet.  They took a look at it this morning, and decided to wait.  They did order some new steroids to help reduce the swelling, so that’s been going on today and they’ll revisit removing the ventilator on Sunday morning.  Once the tube does come out, he’ll be in PICU for an additional 24 hours to make sure he’s not having any trouble breathing.

In the mean time, it’s just a waiting game with the swelling.  The good news is that he’s very comfortable (since they pretty much zonk him out), and everything else (heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc) is perfect.  In addition, it also appears that tests for other anomalies normally associated with his little “issue” have come back clean (which was a great relief).

Cathy and I are doing pretty well – she’s been staying at the hospital and I’ve been shuttling laundry, food and other necessities at night.  It also give Oscar a chance to see one of us each day, which keeps him flying level too.  As for when everyone gets to come home, we don’t know.  Cathy and I are hoping that the doctors will give us a nice Mother’s Day present, and have us home by next Sunday.  What we do know is that he won’t come home until he’s ready to be home, and that’s fine with us.

I’ll send out another update either tomorrow evening or Monday morning, once we know a little bit more.

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