Nicholas Update – 5/2

Hello all –

Finally a few steps in the right direction, after three days of standing still.  They took the ventilator tube out early this afternoon. and he’s now breathing on his own.  He’s still getting a little bit of help in the way of oxygen and he sounds a little rough (still sore and a little swollen from the whole ordeal), but that’s already starting to improve.

The plan now is to get his breathing stable without any help, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to feed him sometime tomorrow afternoon.  First feeding since last Wednesday, so I’m sure he’ll be looking forward to it (I know we are).  If all goes well, we’ll get out of the PICU and head to a regular room for another day or so.  Home by the end of the week now looks pretty promising – not in stone yet, but promising.

Feel free to send mail directly to Cathy (, as she is getting her email; I’ve been taking a laptop to her daily so she can see all of great messages you all have sent to us.

Saying thank you hardly seems like enough, as your thoughts, good wishes and support through this little adventure has helped us to stay afloat emotionally.  It has meant more than all of you will know.  So thank you.

I’ll send out an update either tomorrow evening or on Wednesday.

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