Nicholas Update – 5/3

Hello all –

There’s a saying in sports: never look beyond the next game.  Well, we did, and we got caught doing it.

We had a little bit of a setback early this morning.  The little guy had a tough night trying to breathe; by about 6 AM, he was working very hard to get a breath.  Sparing you a lot of the details, the end result was that he went back on the ventilator about 8:00 AM.  Before they re-intubated him, they did get a peek down his throat to see what the problem is.  It’s the same problem – swelling.  He’s still swollen around his vocal cords and the area just above that.  It just so happens that that’s the smallest part of the airway, so if it swells he can’t breathe without some help.  They were able to use a smaller tube this time, so hopefully its presence won’t add to the irritation.

The plan now is to simply wait for the swelling to go down – which means he’ll stay on the ventilator until late Thursday afternoon at the earliest.  At that time, an ENT specialist is planning to take him to the OR to extubate, and also plans to do another bronchoscopy to see if there’s anything else that may be contributing to his breathing issues separate from the swelling.  In the mean time, he’s getting some steroids and some nutrition, both of which will help him heal a little faster.  He’s also getting some industrial strength antacids, to help ensure that he’s not refluxing any stomach acids, which would only further irritate the swelling.

The swelling will eventually subside, but obviously on Nicholas’ timetable.  Unfortunately, it’s a waiting game right now, with not much for anyone to do.  He’s very comfortable and very stable, so we’ll wait him out.  It’s a difficult and helpless feeling, but we’re getting through it.  Again, and speaking on behalf of Cathy, we can’t thank everyone enough for your care, concern and support through all of this.

No real changes expected between now and then, so I don’t plan to send anything out until probably late Thursday evening or early Friday.

Keep the good karma flowing….

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