Nicholas Update – 5/6

Hello all –

Just a quick note (and I do mean quick) with an update.  They removed the ventilator tube yesterday afternoon.  He still sounded pretty squeaky when he’d breathe, but nothing like what we’d experienced earlier in the week.  We were able to sit with him through the night, to help keep him both calm and upright.  While we’re pretty tired, he had a pretty quiet night.

When the extubated him, they did take a better look down his throat.  While there doesn’t appear to be any damage to the vocal cords or the trachea, there is still some swelling in the top of his voice box.  In addition, he as what’s called a floppy airway, meaning that the cartilage in the upper portion of the airway is not as strong as it could be.  This is something that he will eventually grow out of, but may have that squeaky sound to him for a few weeks or months yet.

The plan right now is to continue keeping him calm and upright, to help keep his airway clear and keep any secretions from aggravting the swelling.  Every hour he’s off the ventilator is a good hour, where he can give his airway a chance to heal without any extra gadgets in there.

That’s all for now – thanks for all the thoughts.

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