Getting Better

Wow – two entries in one day.  But today was a good day, so we don’t mind doing it.

A couple of good things happened:

  • They increased his bottle feeding volume again to 50cc 5x daily (he was at 40cc, and they bumped him to 5x just yesterday).
  • They’re starting to decrease his continuous feeding through the NG tube.

These are hopefully a few steps closer to losing the NG tube (which he managed to pull out – again – last night).

Cathy also got checked off on doing a one-person trach tube change this evening, and it went pretty well.  It’s among our various “requirements” before he can leave the hospital that we are able to successfully complete.  The next change is mine, and that should put us pretty close to being checked off completely.  Again, another step toward getting the boy home.

Yes, I call him the boy.  It’s a good thing he’s cute, one of his few saving graces right now.

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