The Boy is Eating Well

Nicholas is doing his part to get himself home without the NG tube.  They bumped up his feeding again:

  • He’s now at 65cc per feed.
  • He’s got a 6th feed at 11 PM.
  • His continuous feeds are only going overnight – from midnight to 5 AM (I think)

They want to get him to 70cc at each feeding (almost there), so he’s really doing very well.

He’s also been on a pretty decent schedule, which we’re hoping continues when he gets home.  We keep hearing he does pretty well during the night, and he’s getting better at just entertaining himself and looking around during the day.  He gets moved into a common playroom, so he can get some visual stimulation (his room is pretty far from stimulating).  It’s also a little easier for the nursing staff to get to him.  It’s amazing what a different boy he is now versus a two weeks ago.  Between being able to bottle feed (and get that “full” feeling) and being narcotic-free for two and a half weeks, he’s much quieter, much more content, and really a pretty good little guy.

We have found there are two things that do make him pretty mean – gas pains and dirty diapers.  He really, really doesn’t like either of them.  That rice cereal is pretty potent stuff – the boy’s burps and farts make Dad proud, but the nuclear poop we can do without.  This stuff might even make Oscar flinch – remember, this was the dog that introduced himself to Nicholas by shoving his nose straight into the bottom of his diaper.

I also wanted to thank everyone who’s been leaving notes on the site – they’ve been a lot of fun for us to read.  And to “our favorite PICU nurses” who left a note – you’ve got a deal.  Visiting will be just fine; not that we don’t appreciate your skills, as you have no idea how much we appreciate them, but we’d rather make it social call.  Don’t think you’ve heard the last from us.  By the way, tell “Preggo” we expect to see a picture when it happens.

Also – we’ve posted some new pictures – be sure to check the photo links.

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