NG is No More!

A big day on the calendar today – the NG tube came out late this afternoon, so Nicholas is now on all bottle feeds.  They’ve added additional feeds through the night (which is when the last of the continuous feeding was being done), and the hope is that he can take some additional volumes later in the evening so he’ll sleep through the night.  He’s gained some weight, too – up to 8 1/2 pounds, which is a pretty good gain from 2 1/2 weeks ago when he weighed in at just over 7 pounds.  He’s also outgrown his first outfit, another good indication he’s growing.  That’s what it’s all about going forward, just growing up – enough to where we can get the trach tube out of him.

He was a little fussy this evening, fighting a little bit of sleep and a little bit of gas.  Good thing he keeps his food down pretty well; our nurse Danita was looking right at him as he let a really big burp fly, and then said “good thing that one wasn’t loaded”.  She would have been wearing it otherwise.

We’ve got another swallow study scheduled for this Friday, to see if he’s still got any aspiration issues.  The last time they did one, there were a few things stacked against him that may have affected his success somewhat.  He’d not been eating much at all from the bottle, the NG was still in and there were a few other things going on.  This time, we’re thinking he’s going to do a little bit better.

We’re also meeting with the equipment provider on Wednesday so we can get acquainted with the boy’s new accessories.  Not that any baby travels light, but this is going to be almost laughable.  As best as I can tell right now, we’re prepared for portable suction, respiratory gear to heat and humidify his breathing air, heart/respiration/oxygenation monitor, ambu bag and probably a variety of other doodads we don’t know about yet.  Tune in tomorrow for that one.

Rumor has it we may be looking at a discharge sometime next week – we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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