We Made The Wall!

We made “The Wall” at the rehab hospital – or at least Cathy and Nicholas did.

This picture was taken during what could be described as a tense moment for Mom (as the picture might indicate):


I can’t tell the story like Cathy can, so I’ll let her do it.
Cathy here.  Much to my dismay, Sam wanted to post this picture so I have no choice but to set the record straight and explain why I look so tense, distressed and and just plain PO’d.  The day is May 20th and I have just come from my 6 week OB/GYN follow up appointment.  Besides being blue because I did not have my baby with me to take to this appointment, being treated like a hand puppet by the Dr. along with the added humilation of being asked how all my “equipment” is working these days, I can assure you I was in a just dandy mood when I arrived at the Rehab hospital.  Lucky for me, I arrived just in time for Nicholas’ 11 a.m. bottle feeding.

Now before I go any further, let me describe the setting I had unwittingly stumbled upon.  Normally “the boy” is in his cozy, quiet room (and I do stress the word quiet), but lucky for me that day as the nurses had decided to set up camp for him in the open play area.  Now I’m sure you’re all thinking what’s the big deal.  Well, my friends, that particular day is the weekly sing along circle time shindig day.  Before I could make a run for the border, I was thrown into a rocking chair, a bottle thrust into my hand along w/Nicholas and cheered on by the therapist to FEED “the boy.”  As I tried to focus on the therapist’s instructions, which were competing with the sing along jamboree session going on just six feet away, out of no where a camera crazed worker snapped some pictures (yes, THE PICTURES) of the boy and me.  Not exactly a Kodak moment, but I was defenseless against her as she so stealthly swept upon us without warning.  At the same time and while still recovering from this excitement, “the circle time ringleader”  too cheerfully asked if I would like to participate in sing along time with the rest of the group.  My expression yelled “Hell No”, while my mouth was not quite in sync replied, “Well, of course I will!”  The next 15 fun filled minutes involved the ring leader waving scarves, jingling bells, and singing to all of us.  Nicholas was even asked what little farm animal he would like to sing about – My flat reply, ” a pig because he sounds like one”  and so the song went – “Nicholas and the little piggies go OINK, OINK, OINK, …”   I can assure you my friends I was in a Twilight Zone moment from which there was no escape.  Nicholas seemed to dig the overstimulation while mama on the other hand was sweating like a boy scout at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

So my friends, you now understand the look of distress on my face.  I had seen hell, but fortunately lived to tell the tale….and the the little piggies go Oink, Oink, Oink!

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