Halloween 2010

Everyone – meet Spiderman.


This was taken on 9/4 – which is when he originally got his costume.  Of course, in his excitement, it had to be worn whenever possible, wherever possible, and most importantly, as often as possible.

To the Post Office.  To Target.  To Moe’s (they still say “what’s up, Spiderman” when we walk in – it’s like he’s Norm or something).

Here’s how it looked on Halloween Night, trick or treating at (and around) Aunt Cindy’s house:


The costume held up surprisingly well, although we clipped most of the stray threads.  The bottoms of the legs are a little frayed, but they’re hidden by those absolutely stunning (and recently acquired) Super Spidey Snow Boots.  In his mind, they’re just part of the ensemble.  There are a few other places places where the fabric is borderline translucent from washing and wearing, but something tells me such details really don’t matter much to him.

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