The Good And Bad at Indiana

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything about Indiana basketball – mainly because there’s not been much happening.  Until yesterday that is, when something good happened.  And then today, something bad happened (not to basketball, but football).

The Good:  Cody Zeller commits to Indiana.  Finally, a very highly rated blue chip recruit from the state of Indiana is actually recruited by Indiana and is now going to Indiana.

The first part of that statement has never really stopped, as there have always been several very highly rated recruits right here in Indiana.  The biggest problem, at least until Tom Crean arrived, nobody at IU even bothered to recruit them.  Names like Robbie Hummel and Gordon Hayward come to mind.  Nobody even talked to them.  Mike Davis simply didn’t care or want to recruit in-state, which frankly was a big part of his undoing.  His jackass successor was too busy recruiting a bunch of selfish morons who simply didn’t care about what was good for the school, setting the stage for the dumpster fire left for Crean to clean up.

Finally, they landed a trophy.  Actually, the other half of the recruiting class – Austin Etherington – is pretty good himself.  And he’s from Hamilton Heights HS – not too far from where this blog originates.  Two great additions, two true Hoosiers.  This kind of class is already making a difference for the future; a top-20 HS junior from Park Tudor in Indianapolis is now looking very long and hard at Indiana, because of the quality of teammates he’d have if he were to commit to the school.  There are already commitments from three other players (two of which are from Indiana) for the recruiting class of 2012.

I think they’re finally turning the corner.  I’d like to add here that I was called out on Facebook for not writing about this the moment it happened.  Never thought I’d see the day that would happen.

And now for the bad: IU Football.  They got beat at Wisconsin today (which I expected) by a score of 83-20 (which I did not expect).  The most points scored by an FBS school this season and the most in 95 years for Wisconsin.

How embarrassing, even by IU Football standards.  Obviously, they have no defense, something they haven’t had in, well, forever.

As much as I’d like to see Coach Bill Lynch survive the duration of his contract, I don’t know how he does by going winless in conference play two years in a row.  I realize that conference play this year is not yet done, but I just don’t see a win in their future.

Looks like Fred Glass will be starting another coaching search – sooner rather than later.

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