Seeing Santa

Well, the boy and mom made the pilgrimage (and waited in line) to see the big man himself, Santa.


All went well, and a complete wish list was delivered.  But the entertainment for me (because I was not there), was the text message exchange that occurred between his mother and me:

C:  At mall now & line for santa is insane. I so sucked at waiting to do this. I am inclined to come back later tonight. Would you be hip?
S:  Entirely up to you, but I won’t be home until about 7.
C:  Santa here until 9 pm. Kid is standing in line picking his nose. Just prevented a booger eating. Living the dream.
S:  I don’t mean to laugh – but I am.
C:  Met the big man. He did great & got a cute picture. 30 minute wait. Not as bad as I thought.

So hats off to mom for taking one for the team.  Making memories…

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