The Bridegroom Report is on Hiatus

As you might have guessed, the Bridegroom Report for 2010 is still not available. It’s been a very busy last few months around here for everyone, and frankly there hasn’t been time to get it all assembled in the way that I want to do it.

So I’m thinking the report will be on hiatus for 2010. My apologies to those who have been waiting for it. As for 2011, I’m not entirely certain how I’m going to assemble one – if at all.

In most years, I post things to this space throughout the year, and hold a few things back to be included in the end of the year report. What I’m finding is that by taking this approach, I don’t keep the Pug Hollow News site entirely fresh with interesting things.  Then the end of the year rolls around, and there’s simply no time to get it all put together. The past few years, it’s been increasingly difficult to get it done – and in the case of this past year, the time to work on was simply not there.

So for right now, I’m going to take the Report down a little bit different path:

  • I’ve spent a fair amount of time writing on my business site this year, something I promised myself I’d do this year. As a result, there’s been less time to write on Pug Hollow News.
  • One result of writing more frequently (regardless of which site) is that I’m learning better ways to assemble my thoughts and get them to the keyboard a little faster.
  • With that said, I’m going to do a better job of posting here on a more regular basis. I know I’ve said similar things in the past, but I think I can do it.
  • I’m going to haul out the items that I’ve been holding back for the report, and get them to these pages soon. Though a few of them may be a little dusty, they’re still worthy of posting.
  • When Thanksgiving rolls around, I’ll take a look at what I’ve posted throughout the year, and assemble a “Best of 2011” collection (with maybe one holiday hold-out).

It’s both easier for me and more entertaining for you if I can deliver some smaller bits of Bridegroom Report-style humor throughout the year. The blogging format that we use now makes delivering in that mode a lot more convenient for everyone. My hope is that you agree.

Over the years, I’ve greatly appreciated all of the kind words many of you have shared regarding your fondness for The Bridegroom Report. Frankly, I enjoy writing and assembling it. More accurately, I enjoy writing, but only when I can take the time to enjoy it. Just slapping something together for the sake of delivering it just didn’t feel right. Since I do value your opinions of my work, I didn’t think it was fair to deliver a half-baked or hurried product to those who look forward to reading it.

The Christmas Day newspaper is no different than most other days in terms of style and format (other than the advertisements, of course). Pug Hollow News will be similar in that philosophy. The idea of an end of the year compendium is still not out of the question, but for the time being, look to get your Pug Hollow fix in smaller doses. I’ll do my best to keep up my end of the deal by making it worth your while to visit often.

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