The Apology

As most of you know, the boy has been participating in baseball. If you didn’t know that, you’ll want to go back and read about his first baseball game and check out the pictures.

Another thing that most of you know is that the boy has been accused of being “easily distracted”. For those who know his parents, it’s pretty easy to see that apples usually don’t fall far from the tree. I’ve said it many times, he is his mother. No, I’m not being mean here; I’m pretty certain she’d say the same thing about it.

Which brings us back to being distracted – it’s the end of the game on Saturday afternoon, it’s the boy’s turn to bat, and there’s an issue. Mom (who also serves as the team mom for this little band of baseball players) is called to home plate by the coaches to chat with the boy. It’s apparent things are not going terribly well. Upon our return to the car, there was pretty thorough, one-sided and relatively high-volume discussion between the boy and Momzilla (yes, there was a transformation) about how that was not going to be tolerated. I still didn’t have a lot of details on what happened, but that really wasn’t the time to be asking questions. I sat there quietly, it was the best and safest course of action for me.

Rather than my muddling the story from here, I’ll share this little email from Mom to the coaches. I think this closes the loop:

From: Cathy Bridegroom
Date: 05/17/2011 01:15 AM
Subject: Nicholas

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to give you both a heads up that you will be receiving a letter of apology in the mail tomorrow from Nicholas.  It is my way of teaching him that it is not okay to throw fits, pout and essentially act up when things don’t go his way.  As you both may recall, he was a bit out of sorts towards the end of the game on Saturday.  It was due to an incident on the bench minutes before you both had the pleasure of dealing with him up to bat, and he decided to “shut down.” I have found from past experience having him write notes is a good way to talk about what happened and also explain what he did was not a good choice and to make a better one in the future.  He does not enjoy the note writing experience, which in turn “motivates” him to not act up in the future or suffer the same consequence.  It may seem a bit extreme to some, but I’d rather take these teaching moments when I get them and address them pronto!

Soooo, here is what the notes say because I am afraid you will have a tough time reading them.  I equate his handwriting to a drunken chicken walking across the page – ha!

“Dear Coach, I am sorry I threw a fit and did not listen at the game.  I will not do that again.  Nicholas”  I would have had him write more, but frankly the little dear was exhausted from writing what he did.  My point was made.

Gentleman, thank you for patience and all the good you do for the kids.  It is truly appreciated.

Take care and see you at Thursday’s game provided no rain.

Good night and yes, I’m going to bed.  I’m a night owl!


This is what we call motherly brilliance. It’s also helps to reinforce those three words that he’s obviously not grasped – don’t cross Mommy.