School Pics 2011

Well, we’re finally back to batting .500 – the fourth year of school pictures, and now we have two editions where we can actually not grimace when opening the package. Now, some of you are thinking “he’s only in first grade, so how did computer boy get to four?” Remember, we had two years of Early Childhood programs as a warm-up.

Our record for quality school pictures got off to a really poor start. Our first attempt in the fall of 2008, was just that – an attempt. We tried, we really did. We got him up a little earlier for school, so he could get a bath (instead of the night before) to dull down his normally freaked out morning hair.

In return for our efforts, we got this:


It’s also been referred to as “The Mug Shot”. To this day, Cathy’s cousin Thom starts laughing every time he sees it.

In 2009, we had high hopes for a better picture. Once again, we got him up early for school for a morning bath/shower to minimize hair impact. Dressed and cleaned up, we sent him off. ┬áLater in the week, Cathy asks his teacher how picture day went (with Mrs.Mark’s awareness of the prior year’s outcome). She says “I think it’s going to be just fine, I think we got a good one.”

Well, she was wrong. Instead, we got this:


I can’t speak for Cathy, but I was getting flashbacks to a comic strip that originally ran on 9/24/1989 (yes, I’m that old):


I even threatened to start calling him Calvin.

But as good parents, we hung the already paid-for 8×10 in the family room with our other family photos. It’s funny to watch other people try to be complimentary when they see it. We had coffee mugs made with his first two school pictures (along with a handful of other stellar boy images) and gave them to select people. Thom got one, of course. Others who received them have also related stories of people trying to be complimentary when they see it. They only difference is that most of them can say they’re not related to him.

We were ready to surrender.

So when 2010 rolled around, we thought “what the hell, let’s shower him in the morning again and just hope for the best. Can’t be any worse than last year’s picture.”

To our surprise, it wasn’t. Actually, it was pretty good:


Finally, a school picture we can hang without requiring a background story. We had hope for future photos.

The 2011 edition did not disappoint – it’s the best one so far:


It’s funny, and maybe it’s just me, but he looks more than just one year older in this one. He really is growing up. I still can’t decide which of us he favors – many have said he looks like me, but I still dont’ see it. If anything, I see my mom in him.

So we’re back to .500 now – we’ll see what next year brings.