Why Be Like Most People?

At the risk of this appearing to be shameless self-promotion (because it is), I’d like you to visit http://beyondthedefaults.com.


Beyond the Defaults is a collaborative effort with a colleague of mine, Abby Butts. Abby’s been writing on technology topics for quite a while on her own, as have I. When we compared our sites, we realized we were answering a lot of similar questions but from different angles, and were referring people to each other’s sites frequently. The more we thought about it, the more it made some sense to have one place for people go to find answers to technology related questions.

We plan to offer tips, suggestions, software and hardware reviews and general technology thoughts for the average non-technical person. Not sure what to do about managing the Internet for your family? We’ll address that. Making the most of Facebook and other social media? Got that covered too. Using your smartphone for things other than calls and Angry Birds? All over it. You might not see some of these topics today, but you will; we’ve got a pipeline of posts already stacked up and a release schedule in mind. Be sure to visit often, or better yet, get on the mailing list and we’ll send them to you.

Abby and I regularly answer questions for friends, family and acquaintances about all things technical, and we think that’s because they’re not sure where else to look. Beyond the Defaults is our effort to at least provide a starting point, helping the average person get the most from their technology investments.

The site is free, a public service to all the non-techs out there. Take it for a spin, and tell us what you think.