About PHN

September 4, 2007 – the birthdate for Pug Hollow News!

Nicholas’ Place had been around for a few years, and provided a great outlet to those of us residing at Pug Hollow to communicate with the masses.  But the original intent of Nicholas’ Place was twofold – deliver information, and act as almost a digital scrapbook for the boy.  So rather than drop a lot of other non-Nicholas items into his corner of the world, we created our own corner.

Now it’s February 2018 – and we’re revamping things. Actually, we’re moving things to new platforms, and using that as an opportunity to revamp. It’s still a place for the rest of us Pug Holloweenies (for lack of any better or funnier term to describe everyone but the boy around here) to plop our own stuff onto the web.  Pictures, stories, news, announcement of Cathy’s cleaning binges (which always result in her either selling or giving things away) – it’s a blog for the big people.

I’ve tried to categorize things accordingly (you’ll see those on the right side of the page), and tag things with keywords as appropriate. The Pug Hollow News home page may change little bit here and there while we get used to the new tools, but you should find everything that was on the old site.

Let us know what you think.